"When asked what “being country” meant to her, Nicole Unser responded: “I associate country with being an honest thing, with being a hardworking thing, being a dependable and trustworthy thing; by that definition I grew up country.” She’s not lying. Nicole's “love affair” with country music began at a young age; simply put, she was introduced to a range of folks from Jones, to Reba, to Lee Ann Womack, and Don Williams, before she could even spell. Over the years she's developed a heart for storytelling; a hunger for performing; and a passion for pure, honest, country music. “I want to give people what so many country albums have given me: a chance to cry, a reason to laugh, a time to bond, a different way of seeing the world- a new perspective, a realization, a time to reflect… and I mean that with every ounce of me.” Unser adds, “I want to give people a reason to drive around the block one more time, even though they’ve already gotten where they’re going.”

Nicole was the 2012 Texaco Country Showdown New Mexico state champion, a nationwide talent contest. She has played legendary venues like the Ryman Auditorium and Bluebird Cafe in Nashville TN. Nicole is based out of Riverside, Washington and spends time writing and recording in Nashville TN. She put out her first EP, 'Everything Good' January of 2015 and later that year took 1st place in the 2015 Unsigned Only Music Competition. A remarkable achievement, she was chosen from over 7,000 entries from more than 100 different countries. 

Nicole Unser's songs are a searing knife that cut to the core, then a helping hand reaching out to lift you back up. She has a distinguishable voice, pairing old-school rasp with contemporary clarity. Mix together one part Miranda Lambert, one part Sarah Buxton, a generous dash of Jewel, and a pinch of Dolly and you have the warm, soulful sound of Nicole Unser Music. Nicole has an all-too natural stage presence, where down home charm meets a jug of sweet tea freshly brewed in the sunshine. In one word: delightful! You can't help but love her outgoing, bubbly personality as soon she steps up to the mic. However, her most dominant attribute is her determination. “I’m going to do this no matter what. It doesn’t stop and it doesn’t depend on whether I’m considered ‘successful’ by industry standards. It’s what fills me up. I’m in love. It’s that love affair I could never know how to quit; and I kind of dig that!” Nicole Unser is honest, hardworking, dependable, and trustworthy. Nicole Unser is Country. "