Nicole Unser named Artist of the Month!

I am so honored to be named's February artist of the month. Check out their review of the new EP, "Everything Good". Thanks again Locals Music!  

"Country singer/songwriter Nicole Unser knows exactly who she is, and she's not afraid to write and sing about it. She's a Christian, she's proud of what God has done for her, and she's confident in her music. Having moved to Nashville in 2012, she's always been cultured in the ways of country music, and the songs she's been singing since we discovered her in 2013 are true and from her heart. The best part about Nicole is not just her music, it's her personality too. She's a true friend, someone who you can expect to just call to see how you're doing on a regular basis. And she just happens to be a fantastic country writer too......" 


Read the full review here!